Mpanakanto: Yaron Levy

Anarana: Soundshades

Nivoaka: 2011

Famantatra: Magda

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 60'00

Tombotsoa: Import Israel

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00820MAGD


Soundshades (Yaron Levy)


Yaron Levy's debut album, which faithfully represents the artist's musical influence, is one of more composite and surprising ethnical music albums to have been released in Israel. The album is comprised of diversified, tempting, almost adventurous roles of the Oud, taking almost limitless advantage of the instrument's wide spectrum and resonance.
Soundshades, in  detail:
The first piece's name, Twenty Eight, indeed suggests on its rhythm.
The two Samais in the album, "Samai Nahawand" and "Samai Hijaz Kar Kurd", are composed in the respective classical Arabic Maqams, and use the 5 and 22 rhythms in the final, faster, Hanna.
Kol Kochvei Boker was composed to a poem of Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, in rhythms of the "3" family – 9, 18 and 3.
The classical composition “Lamabada” has been recorded an endless amount of times by many artists. In this album, the artist provides his personal interpretation – a quasi improvisation based on the original composition and rhythm, then moving to the vivid, 5 rhythm.
The last three compositions – Spread his wings, Wellspring and Soundshades, are all based on a dialogue among several roles especially composed for the Oud.
Yaron Levy, who has composed all but one of the compositions in the album, has cooperated with some of the leading names in Israel's ethnical music scene, along with some young and promising artists – Eyal Sela, Aviad Ben Yehuda, Dan Yaakobi, Mahran Moreb, Youval Mesner and Niro Abeksis.
*Certain parts of the album have recently been included in the "making of" movie of Michal Rovner's well publicized "Histories" exhibition in the Louvre museum, Paris.

Yaron Levy - Mpihira

  • Yaron LEVY : oud
  • Dan YAAKOBI : violin, vocal
  • Aviad BEN YEHUDA : percussion
  • Eyal SELA : wind instruments
  • Yuval MESNER : cello
  • Mahran MOREB : kanun
  • Niro ABEKASIS : vocal

Soundshades - Feonkira

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