Väsen Street

Mpanakanto: Väsen

Anarana: Väsen Street

Nivoaka: 2009

Famantatra: NorthSide

Refiny: Digisleeve

Halavany: 55'00

Tombotsoa: Import Sweden

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DS00364NORT


Väsen Street (Väsen)

Väsen Street is a new recording with Väsen as a trio.

Olov Johansson, Roger Tallroth and Mikael Marin have toured together for 20 years and are now celebrating with this new recording. It’s a mixed repertoire with new composed material, old Väsen favorites not recorded earlier and some traditional Uppland tunes.

Väsen Street is the street in Bloomington, Indiana that Team Väsen is working to get named after us. They have already made the street sign! It’s also the imaginary street where we and all our fellow musicians, friends and fans meet to have fun with this music!

Väsen - Mpihira

  • Olov JOHANSSON : nyckelharpa, kontrabasharpa, oktavnyckelharpa
  • Roger TALLROTH : guitars
  • Mikael MARIN : 5-string viola
  • Guests :
  • Darol ANGER : 5-string fiddle
  • Mike MARSHALL : mandolin
  • Mia MARIN : fiddle
  • Emma REID : fiddle
  • André FERRARI : percussions

Väsen Street - Feonkira

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