Live au folkclub

Mpanakanto: Trio Contempo

Anarana: Live au folkclub

Nivoaka: 2002

Famantatra: Folkclub ethnosuoni

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 45'58

Tombotsoa: Import Italy

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00197FOLK


Live au folkclub (Trio Contempo)

The powerful sensuality of tango mixed to the fascination of a female trio with accordion, guitar and cello. Recorded at the well-known club in Turin, this is the first live album for this young but very skilled ensemble, interpreting the repertoire of Astor Piazzolla and some other authors.

Trio Contempo - Mpihira

  • Véronique RIOUX : bandonéon
  • Roberta ROMAN : guitare
  • Isabelle SAJOT : violoncelle

Live au folkclub - Feonkira

Hihaino feonkira tapany.