Live in Nazareth - Habaytak

Mpanakanto: The Arab Orchestra of Nazareth

Anarana: Live in Nazareth - Habaytak

Nivoaka: 2002

Famantatra: Magda

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 67'00

Tombotsoa: Import Israel

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00523MAGD


Live in Nazareth - Habaytak (The Arab Orchestra of Nazareth)

The Arab Orchestra of Nazareth presents 12 wonderful songs by the famous Lebanese musicians Assi and Mansour Rahabani (the Rahabani brothers) combined with texts by the distinguished poet Jubran Khalil Jubran and others - all outstanding artists of the 20th century Lebanese music and poetry.
The music on this album skillfully combines elements from East and West to create beautiful and powerful songs - as once sung by the great female singers Fairuz and Magda El-Roumi- and which achieve worldwide fame for them.
On this album, the most renowned singers of the Arab Orchestra of Nazareth perform love songs as they were interpreted by those illustrious Lebanese singers, bringing together the all-time great music and poetry of the Land of Cedars.
The album has been officially launched at the orchestra's concert as part of the international festival "Windows to the World" held in Rotterdam. Other participating artists in the festival this year are musicians from Pakistan, India, Ghana, Morocco, England, Cape Verde and Angola. This is the first time Israeli artists perform on this festival.

The Arab Orchestra of Nazareth - Mpihira

  • Nizar RADWAN : conductor
  • Suzan KAZMOUR-MAZZAWI, Lubna SALAME, Hiba BATHISH, Alla SHURUSH : singers
  • Yousif MATAR : violin
  • Safwan KINANEH : violin
  • Mouin DANIAL : violin
  • Jony MAHLY : violin
  • Sukaynah DARAWSHEH : violin
  • Gala NAKHMANY : cello
  • Fransoi KHELL : cello
  • Roman LIVINE : contrabass
  • Samir YASSIN : oud
  • Wassim ODEH : oud
  • Eissa AWAD : qanun
  • Hossam NOY : nay
  • Adel KHOURY : darbuka
  • Aziz NADAF : tambourin
  • Ehab KHOURY : accordion

Live in Nazareth - Habaytak - Feonkira

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