Sig Mig

Mpanakanto: Svøbsk

Anarana: Sig Mig

Nivoaka: 2005

Famantatra: GO'Danish Folk Music

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 44'00

Tombotsoa: Import Denmark

Vidiny : 12,50 €

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Oviana no misy : Miandry valinteny email aho

Laharana: CR00325GODA


Sig Mig (Svøbsk)

Maren and Jørgen live and play together since they met at the Academy of Music in Odense Carl Nielsen in 2002, where they both studied Danish folk music. They played many concerts in and outside Denmark (Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Germany and Poland) and in June 2005, they released their first album "Sig mig" very well received by critics. They present an uninhibited Danish folk music, light and profound at once.

Svøbsk - Mpihira

  • Maren HALLBERG LARSEN : accordion
  • Jørgen DICKMEISS : vocals, violin, guitar

Sig Mig - Feonkira

  • Muldvarpen
  • Humbadill
  • Du lille svale
  • Den brændende vals
  • Svøbsker
  • De to ravne / Floden
  • Morgengry
  • Skøn ridder / Jolly Hornpipe
  • Sig mig
  • Kingo P / J.C's Polka
  • Majas bryllup
  • Eftertanke