Mpanakanto: Shezar

Anarana: Rimal

Nivoaka: 2003

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 44'02

Vidiny : 12,50 €

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Oviana no misy : Miandry valinteny email aho

Laharana: CR00095AUTO


Rimal (Shezar)

The group Shezar was born in the beginning of the year 2000. Musicians from different cultures (Syria, Norway, France) gathered for a common project. Shezar developed an original style based on oriental rhythms and modes, open for inspirations from jazz, with melodies composed by Kjetil Selvik and Hassan Abdelrahman. - We do not seek the fusion of different cultures by music nor even some kind of mixing. Rather, we wish to create an authentic language for this combination of instruments, to combine unity with spaces of improvisation where each musician can express himself, to cultivate the finesse and the richness of oriental music trough a repertoire of personal compositions.

Shezar - Mpihira

  • Hassan ABD ALRHAMAN : oud
  • Nicolas BECK : double bass
  • Fabien GUYOT : daf, zarb, darbouka, rik
  • Kjetil SELVIK : clarinet, sax

Rimal - Feonkira

Hihaino feonkira tapany.