Les trois rives

Mpanakanto: S-quisse

Anarana: Les trois rives

Nivoaka: 2008

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Cristal


Vidiny : 12,50 €

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Laharana: CR00384AUTO


Les trois rives (S-quisse)

(S)quisse is the newly created of the breton band Esquisse. It was born from the encounter with the percussionist Olivier Congar. This formula presents a concert repertoire composed entirely mixing Breton music, Cuban music, jazz and electronic music ...

Gathered for this project: Thomas Badeau on clarinet, Hervé Gweltaz bombardon and saxophones, Francois Badeau diatonic accordion, Pierre Le Normand on drums and Olivier Congar to Afro-Cuban percussion. This all created a unique sound through the use of traditional instruments and application of electronic effects.

As for the artistic approach, it is radically different from the usual mid-Fest Noz at both the bottom (musically) than the form (staging). The idea is based on the encounter of traditional Breton music and Cuban while adding touches of jazz, improvisation, electro, rock ... The will to succeed is to combine all that and be consistent. Never paste a free style. And the bet seems largely won.

S-quisse - Mpihira

  • François BADEAU : accordéon diatonique, contrebasse
  • Olivier CONGAR : percussions, chant
  • Pierre LE NORMANT : batterie
  • Thomas BADEAU : clarinettes, guitares, bombarde, samples
  • Gweltaz HERVÉ : saxophones, cornemuse, bombarde
  • Invités :
  • Gregory JOLIVET : vielle alto
  • Juanjo MOSALINI : bandonéon

Les trois rives - Feonkira

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