Mpanakanto: Pierrick Lemou Dominique Trichet

Anarana: Reabaterien

Nivoaka: 2003

Famantatra: CO Le Label

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 51'14

Vidiny : 12,50 €

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Laharana: DI00017COLE


Reabaterien (Pierrick Lemou Dominique Trichet)

2 violins to set Brittany, Ireland and Quebec into music. The duet of violinists Pierrick Lemou and Dominique Trichet operates as a real traditional musicians duet : it permits them to be efficient for dance with the swing and emotion on top of that. These 2 excellent musicians will pleasantly surprise you thanks to their musical coherence, their dynanism, the great richness and diversity of their repertoire frow Lower and Upper Brittany, Ireland and Quebec.

Pierrick Lemou Dominique Trichet - Mpihira

  • Pierrick LEMOU : fiddle, oud
  • Dominique TRICHET : fiddle, banjo
  • Guests :
  • Rachel GOODWIN : piano
  • Iwan LAURENT : tablas
  • Bernard BIZIEN : guitar
  • Patrick LEFEBVRE : accordion
  • Sylvain FOURNIER : feet
  • Franck LE BLOAS : bouzouki
  • Philippe PIRSON : banjo tenor

Reabaterien - Feonkira

  • Rileanna tempest
  • Ar plac'hig yaouank
  • Old barn dances
  • Valse du mois de Novembre
  • Le Pays d'en bas
  • Poirt the rosewood
  • Hentoù ar menez
  • Hentoù ar menez
  • Hentoù ar menez
  • Bread's polkas
  • Entre Oust et Vilaine
  • Le vin de Gadelle
  • Ur c'hwibuenn-luc'h