La traversée

Mpanakanto: Ourawen

Anarana: La traversée

Nivoaka: 2014

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Digisleeve

Halavany: 68'00

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DS00797AUTO


La traversée (Ourawen)


After a first record paving the way of a musical identity already strong and sturdy Ourawen shows, with "la traversée" ("the crossing"), a consolidated approach and a journey off the beaten track. Influences remain brewed in the four winds (Near and Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe) and the settling in de the breton dance more asserted than ever. "Traditional" or "ethnic" music are wed with modern world's energy and colors. The repertoire is a deep invitation to travelling, moulting and trance, and is about here and now, whatever that means...

Ourawen - Mpihira

  • Matthieu LEBRETON : guitar, hajouj, vocals
  • Manu GEFFRAY : percussions
  • Stéphane BOURNE : flute
  • Odran BIGOT : fiddle
  • Marion DUCHEZ : fiddle, viole de gambe
  • Yannick LARIDON : diatonic accordion

La traversée - Feonkira

Hihaino feonkira tapany.