L'azur du globe

Mpanakanto: Ophonius

Anarana: L'azur du globe

Nivoaka: 2008

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 50'00

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00078AUTO


L'azur du globe (Ophonius)

L'Azur du globe, Ophonius' second opus, is the group's most personal album to date. In the nine original compositions, the saxophones all mingle naturally and are accompanied by percussion using objects such as scallop shells, plastic bags and scrap metal, creating a unique soundscape. A drummer/percussionist also enhances this album with a dash of energy, making it slightly more dynamic than their first one, Helvetic Atlas.

The five musicians take us on a journey around the world, from the seaside to the Ural plains, through great vastness and thunderous storms.

Ophonius - Mpihira

  • Bruno GAZENGEL : tenor/soprano sax, drums
  • Christophe AYRAULT : alto sax, vocal, drums
  • Jean-Marc DORMEAU : soprano/tenor sax, vocal, drums
  • Frédéric PAPILLON : baryton sax, bass drum
  • Fabien ECKERT : drums, cajon, congas

L'azur du globe - Feonkira

  • La part du cosaque
  • Pandora
  • Un quart de Prozac
  • Jour d'orage
  • Le chêne
  • L'azur du globe
  • La petite souris
  • Les nains de l'espace
  • Un p'tit calva