The roseland barndance

Mpanakanto: North Cregg

Anarana: The roseland barndance

Nivoaka: 2007

Famantatra: Non renseigné

Refiny: Digipack


Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI01182NA


The roseland barndance (North Cregg)

The Roseland Barndance is the fourth album by North Gregg. It marks the tenth year in the musical life of one of Ireland's finest ensembles and is packed with great tunes and songs.


1. Sliabh luachra polkas

2. The dark eyed sailor

3. The roseland barndance

4. The girl from the big house

5. Barbara Allen

6. Earl mitten's

7. The humours of Ballydesmond

8. An raibh tu ag an gcarraig ?

9. I'd rather be married than left

10. Go your way

11. Crehan's reels