Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval

Mpanakanto: Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval

Anarana: Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval

Nivoaka: 2016

Famantatra: Gega new

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 60'00

Tombotsoa: Import Bulgaria

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Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval (Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval)


The kaval is part of a centuries-old folklore tradition in Bulgaria and is among the favourite instruments, especially in Thrace and Dobroudja. The most skilful virtuoso kaval-players come from these regions. The kaval is also spread in other areas. The single-piece kavals are preferred in some parts of Western Bulgaria, while in the southwest Rhodope mountains, the pair of kavals are used – two kavals in the same tuning. The three-sectioned kavals are more common and have more technical possibilities. They can be used to perform with equal ease slow, richly ornamented melodies as well as fast horo melodies, which require great skill and technique. The kaval has a special place in Bulgarian instrumental folk music - bucolic music (from Greek: boukolikòs – pastoral). By playing specific tunes, the shepherd herds his large flock: "At Daybreak", "Herding Tune" (for herding the sheep), "The Lost Flock", etc.
The kaval participates today in orchestras of folk instruments, where it has a leading function and talented kaval performers attain unexpected technical results and expand its genre capabilities.

Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval - Mpihira

Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra

Musical instruments in Bulgaria - Kaval - Feonkira

  • Ruchenitsa-Ruchkanitsa
  • 3 Songs From StranDJa
  • Izgubenoto Stado (The Lost Flock)
  • Vartiano Horo (Revolve Horo) (Arr. S. Kanev)
  • Sitno Ugarchinsko Horo
  • Stoyan Kehaya - Ovcharskata (Arr. K. Kolev)
  • Kasumsko Horo (Arr. K. BouraDJiev)
  • Kairyak Havasa
  • Groudovski Bouenek
  • Shilentse Vaklo, Bainovo (Splotch-faced Baynov Lamb)
  • Vlashko Horo (Arr. G. Andreev)
  • Graovo Dance
  • Slow Song And Drosaliisko Horo
  • Svatbarsko (Wedding Horo)
  • Proletno Horo - Vartikolnitsa (Spring Horo)
  • Song (Impression)
  • Bavna Ovcharska And Liava Bachvana (Slow Shepherd Song)
  • Slow Song And Ruchenitsa
  • Rhodopskata