Heart strings

Mpanakanto: Moya Brennan

Anarana: Heart strings

Nivoaka: 2009

Famantatra: Non renseigné

Refiny: Cristal


Vidiny : 12,50 €

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Laharana: CR01178NA


Heart strings (Moya Brennan)


2008 release from the Irish vocalist, best known for fronting Clannad. In total Moira Brennan has recorded 25 albums, and has sold over 20 million records. Since 2002, she has promoted herself as Moya Brennan. On this album, the first lady of Celtic music returns with her first live solo recording which features the magnificence of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. This album show's off one of the most beautiful voices in the music industry today. Featuring many of Moya's best known solo songs, plus three classic Clannad songs, including 'I Will Find You' and 'In A Lifetime'


1. Tapestry

2. Perfect Time

3. Mhorag's Na Horo Gheallaidh

4. Alasdair MacColla

5. Molly Fair

6. Sailing Away

7. Gone Are The Days

8. Tunes Medley

9. I Will Find You

10. Merry-Go-Round

11. No One Talks

12. In A Lifetime

13. Against The Wind

14. Theme from Harry's Game