Dis Tanz

Mpanakanto: Michael Nick trio / Dave Liebman

Anarana: Dis Tanz

Nivoaka: 1996

Famantatra: Buda musique

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 50'40

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR01074BUDA


Dis Tanz (Michael Nick trio / Dave Liebman)

"The music of Michael embodies the essence of the spirit of jazz: improvisation group and looking for empathy and sympathy between musicians when playing this music, impossible to classify, includes elements of music. classical, ethnic, marches and jazz music - all melted in a statement pasionnée It was a real challenge and a great pleasure to have participated. ". Dave Liebman

Michael Nick trio / Dave Liebman - Mpihira

  • François BEDEL : percussions
  • Denis CUNIOT : piano
  • Dave LIEBMAN : saxophone
  • Michael Nick : violon


1. 2. Nous devenons tous transparents 9'57

3. Done with restraint 7'23

4. Celui qui vénère le soleil n'a pas besoin de VSO Spaial 7'41

5. Improvisation 12'15

6. Prozession II 7'44

7. Duo 5'19