Silverringar små och stora

Mpanakanto: Maria Röjås

Anarana: Silverringar små och stora

Nivoaka: 2006

Famantatra: Nordic Tradition

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 57'30

Tombotsoa: import Sweden (English comments included)

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00035NOTR


Silverringar små och stora (Maria Röjås)

Finally, a solo album with one of Sweden’s most distinguished folk singers – Maria Röjås from Dalarna !

Maria, one of the very first of many talented singers devoted to the Swedish traditional repertoire, was practically born straight into the renowned musical tradition of Boda in the heart of Dalarna. The legacy of her father Röjås Jonas – one of Sweden’s greatest folk fiddlers of all time – is also very much alive in Maria. (He can be heard on NTCD04, “Epilog”.)

Maria has achieved a unique status since she is the only musician ever awarded the “Riksspelman” title for singing herding calls. Her repertoire of medieval ballads, folk songs and dance melodies is simply enormous – a small excerpt of which can be heard on this CD. This is an album that will of course be appreciated by those with a special interest in Swedish traditional vocal music, but there is also lot to offer all who simply enjoy beautiful singing at its best ! The album features solo songs a capella as well as instrumental accompaniment and the overall impression leaves the listener with a compelling impression of a truly unrivalled musical legacy.

Maria Röjås - Mpihira

  • Maria RÖJÅS : vocals
  • Guest musicians on some tracks :
  • Anders LARSSON : vocals, mandolin, mandola, two button row accordion
  • Maria LARSSON : härjedal flute
  • Erik ASK-UPMARK : harp

Silverringar små och stora - Feonkira

  • När som jag var pa mitt adertonde ar
  • Den singnade dag
  • Kanhända du far angra dig
  • Jag star pa ett hus / Polska fran Boda
  • Tre strömmingar
  • Jag skall aldrig bort mig binda
  • Den port är trang
  • Det gingo tva jungfrur i rosende lund
  • Detta är bara början
  • Oväntad bröllopsgäst
  • Hej Courage
  • Inga rikedomar har jag fatt
  • Jag gar mot obekanta öden
  • Karins Polska
  • Kom fattigdom
  • Leksands Brudmarsch
  • Julia
  • Klabblaten
  • När alderdomen trycker pa / Langdans fran Västmanland
  • Pa Skogen
  • Annas Brudpolkska
  • Signe Lilla
  • Kvällen stundar
  • Vaggvisor