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Mpanakanto: L'occidentale de fanfare

Anarana: Version originale


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Halavany: 63'58

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Version originale (L'occidentale de fanfare)

Two regional cultures, the most rooted and most perennials, but usually confined to their historical boundaries, north of the Loire and south of the Garonne.
Two types of bands - bagad and ripataoulère - different strengths but instruments that share the same balance between the acidity of the winds and the pulsating percussion, same function and dance party.
Sixteen artists composers and musicians, on the lookout for all popular music, equally rooted in their own cultures and invested in their openness to the world.
An attempt to create a common trans-regional repository of cultural and artistic connection between Biscay and Brittany.
An ambitious project by the involvement of its players in a long personal and collective work and their willingness to invent a future for traditional music heritage.

L'occidentale de fanfare - Mpihira

  • Fred POUGET :compositions, clarinettes, cornemuse
  • Gwen GOULENE : compositions, flûte, bombarde, accordéon
  • Stéphane PELLETIER : bombarde, sax, baryton
  • Anne COLAS : flûtes traversières
  • Guillaume SCHMIDT : saxophones
  • Fidel FOURNEYRON : tuba, trombone
  • Anthony MASSELIN : bagpipe, uilleann pipe
  • Claude BARRAULT : trompettes, bugle


1. Version original 5'40

2. Entre deux 5'06

3. Voici le joli mois d'avril 2'32

4. Les âmes perdues 1'56

5. Dessous les lauriers blancs 3'27

6. Gavotte In Out 5'00

7. A la campagne 2'47

8. Le tour est gai 4'28

9. Madame qui... 7'13

10. Bleu nuit 4'26

11. Sur les bords du Scorff 5'41

12. One for Jules 3'25

13. C'est une jeune fille 4'55

14. La traversée du Styx 7'00

Têtes en l'air 0'42