Mpanakanto: Karin Wallin

Anarana: Guldpolska

Nivoaka: 2008

Famantatra: Nordic Tradition

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 56'37

Tombotsoa: import Sweden (comments in English);« Bravo » Trad'Magazine

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00044NOTR


Guldpolska (Karin Wallin)

"Bravo" TradMag

Karin Wallin from Skåne in southern Sweden is one of the region’s most established and acclaimed folk musicians. She received the prestigious Gold Zorn award in the summer of 2007, an honour bestowed only on the very finest musicians in the Swedish tradition. She has had great success as a dance musician in the Nordic countries and the personal record for this amazing fiddler makes for a long list. Karin Wallin was born and raised in Helsingborg into a musical family where her father worked as a traditional music researcher for many years, often bringing Karin along on his journeys. Karin prefers her fiddle retuned to create an especially rich and magnificent sound, which together with her playing style makes for a distinctly unique and mesmerizing experience ! This CD was nominated for the “Vierteljahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik” 4/2008.

Karin Wallin - Mpihira

  • Karin WALLIN : fiddle

Guldpolska - Feonkira

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