Kanfarded Sant Evarzeg

Mpanakanto: Kanfarded Sant Evarzeg

Anarana: Kanfarded Sant Evarzeg

Nivoaka: 2010

Famantatra: Non renseigné

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 52'03

Vidiny : 12,50 €

Hivoaka tsy hoela

Oviana no misy : Miandry valinteny email aho

Laharana: DI01233NA


Kanfarded Sant Evarzeg (Kanfarded Sant Evarzeg)

The music group associated with the dance ensemble Kanfarded Sant Evarzeg consists of 7 experienced musicians joining the group. This orchestra has the particularity to combine traditional instruments with other more contemporary. Arrangements and orchestrations are the "fruit" of an important work of research and collaboration between musicians and dancers. Traditional tunes are associated with more current sounds or from other cultures. The songwriting is in cohesion with choreography and staging.


1. Ridée 6 temps : les 3 étangs

2. Gavotte Montagne

3. Mazurka : la burette

4. Gavotte de l'Aven

5. Kas ha Barz

6. Ridée de Guillac

7. Aéroplane d'Erquy

8. Bal Plessala

9. Guedennes d'Erquy

10. Passepied de Plaintel

11. Plinn

12. Gavotte du Cap

13. Loudéac

14. Riquegnée

15. Quadrille de Locquenolé

16. Dans Treger

17. Bal Treger

18. Passe pieds de Plaintel

19. Dérobée de Guimgamp