Crane dance

Mpanakanto: Jonas Simonson

Anarana: Crane dance

Nivoaka: 2007

Famantatra: Nordic Tradition

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 61'29

Tombotsoa: import Sweden (English comments included)

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00040NOTR


Crane dance (Jonas Simonson)

During the last 25 years, Jonas Simonson has been seen and heard in a number of influential, not to say seminal, bands on the Swedish folk music scene : Groupa, Kapell Frisell, Den Fule, Bäsk, Folkmaskinen... He remains one of Swedens most renowned folk flutists and is now taking a step further with his very first solo album – Crane Dance. Inspiration is drawn from Jonas’s home region of Västergötland in Western Sweden and especially the area around the Hornborga Lake, famous for its crane gatherings each spring. Joining him on the album are both old and new friends : Mats Edén, Mattias Pérez, Johannes Lundberg and Sten Källman.

Jonas Simonson - Mpihira

  • Jonas SIMONSON : flute, alto flute, willow flute, double willow flute, härjedalspipa (Swedish folk whistle), bass clarinet
  • Mats EDÉN : fiddle, viola, viola d'amore
  • Mattias PÉREZ : 12-string guitar
  • Johannes LUNDGREN : double bass
  • Sten KÄLLMAN : bells, talking drum, bass drum

Crane dance - Feonkira

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