Creag an Fhraoich

Mpanakanto: Iain MacKay

Anarana: Creag an Fhraoich

Nivoaka: 2005

Famantatra: Macmeanmna

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 50'00

Tombotsoa: Import Scotland

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00420MACM


Creag an Fhraoich (Iain MacKay)

Iain MacKay comes from Point on the Isle of Lewis, and has been singing at Ceilidhs and gatherings for many years. Iain won the traditional Gold Medal at the national Mod in Inverness in 1972, and won the Seann Nòs at the Pan Celtic Festival in Killarney a few years later. He has frequently sung at Celtic Connections, and has featured on many TV and radio programmes.

He is in great demand for the cèilidh circuit around the Highlands and Islands, and appears regularly at the Annual Gatherings in Glasgow. He has often been accompanied by some of Scotland’s finest musicians. Iain has also taught traditional Gaelic singing at some of the popular Fèisean throughout Scotland, including Ceòlas and Feis Bharraigh.

Iain first recorded many years ago with Gaelfonn which was owned by the late Murdo Ferguson, also from Point. He then recorded an LP, 'Voice of the Hebrides' with Lismore Recordings, which was a David Silver production. His most recent CDs, 'Seòladh' and 'Creag an Fhraoich' were produced by Macmeanmna.

Iain MacKay - Mpihira

  • Iain MACKAY : vocals
  • Allan HENDERON : fiddle, piano, keyboards
  • Guests :
  • Iain Joseph MACDONALD : accordion
  • Ally MACKENZIE : accordion
  • Angus MACPHAIL : accordion
  • Iain MACFARLANE : melodeon
  • Iain MACDONALD : whistle, flute, Jews harp, small pipes
  • Kenny "FAGS" MACDONALD : guitar
  • Chaz STEWART : electric guitar
  • Mary Ann KENNEDY : vocals
  • Lachie Ringo Mac'Ille Bhuidhe : drums

Creag an Fhraoich - Feonkira

  • An t-Alltan Dubh
  • Taobh Loch Lìobhann
  • Creag an Fhraoich
  • Duanag an t-Saighdeir
  • On dh'fhàg thu mi 's mulad orm
  • Is truagh nach robh mi còmhla riut
  • Gur moch rinn mi dùsgadh
  • Puirt a Beul
  • Mo chailin bheag dhonn
  • Eilidh
  • Togail cùrs air Leòdhas
  • E ho ro mo nighean donn
  • Tha m'eudail is m'àighear 's mo ghràdh
  • 'S truagh nach do dh'fhuirich mi tioram air tìr
  • Puirt a Beul
  • PisteAudio 16