La liberté m'enchante

Mpanakanto: Gwen K. Syndicat

Anarana: La liberté m'enchante

Nivoaka: 2011

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 64'00

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00572AUTO


La liberté m'enchante (Gwen K. Syndicat)

Celtic Music and Songs from ends of world, from end of worlds ! After twelve years of travelling, concerts, fest-noz, Festivals and meetings around Europe and North America, Gwenael proposes a feed-back on all these musical adventures through his compositions from Ireland, Nova-Scotia, Québec, Poitou and Brittany of course ! The trio is Gwen KIVIJER (voice and accordion), Bruno Texier (bass and sax) & Tony Sauvion (guitar), but eight others perfomers musicians from France and Ireland are invited on that album.

Gwen K. Syndicat - Mpihira

  • Gwen KIVIJER : vocals, accordion, bodhran
  • Bruno TEXIER : electric bass, sax
  • Tony SAUVION : guitar
  • Gests :
  • Ian STEVENSON : vocals
  • Laury et Mélissa GINGREAU : fiddle
  • Paul BOUFFET : backing vocals, guitar, drums
  • Malcom WRAY : citern
  • maximo GERALDINO : percussions
  • Olivier SAVARIAU : kora
  • Eddie GUILBAUT : cajon
  • Olivier BOUCHARD : wooden flute

La liberté m'enchante - Feonkira

  • Le fils à Mathurin
  • Hiron
  • Nos cousins d'Amérique
  • The old lady skin and bone
  • Ballymoney Greenkeeper / N.R.G.
  • Verse à boire
  • L'internationale chapeloise
  • Le bracelet de bronze
  • Ti an eürusted
  • Ma princesse
  • Les noces de pierres
  • Bienvenue à Montmagny
  • Les ravages de l'amour
  • La liberté m'enchante