Mpanakanto: Floes

Anarana: Belovodia

Nivoaka: 2006

Famantatra: Homerecords

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 57'56

Tombotsoa: Import Belgium

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00130HOME


Belovodia (Floes)

Floes in search of Belovodia. The land of hope for boys in war, in a time where to go to war depended on a lottery, for those who brave the waters of Iceland and the expatriated.

Floes - Mpihira

  • Soetkin COLLIER : vocals
  • Philip MASURE : guitar, vocals
  • Silvie MOORS : vocals
  • Guido PICCARD : cittern, guitar, hommel
  • Toon Van Mierlo : accordeon, pipes, sax
  • Guest :
  • Jackie MORAN : darbuka

Belovodia - Feonkira

Hihaino feonkira tapany.