Saisons féériques

Mpanakanto: Eve McTelenn

Anarana: Saisons féériques

Nivoaka: 2013

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 28'00

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00728AUTO


Saisons féériques (Eve McTelenn)

"Seasons fairy - Fairy Seasons" French text Everything starts with the river water gushed deep caves, between rocks and streams is fragmented into a choir crystal. One droplet lonely, a nymph flourishes. She burst into a merry laugh, bounces on the surface of the waves and slides on a channel limestone, and then splashing pushes shy of a wild rose, spreading it goes the refrain of the wave spring. Discover the magical Seasons .. 1 - Spring Dream * 2 - Rising Sun to Summer 3 - Summer Waltz * (feat: "Marie Louise Waltz" by Laurent LeDain) 4 - Walk to Fall 5 - The Autumn Fairy * 6 - Dances to Celtic Winter (feat: Suite Haunt by Eve McTelenn Dro) 7 - Winter Fairy * 8 - Christmas Song (feat: the Holy and the Ivy by Eve McTelenn) Illustrations: Charline Texts: Evelyne Beuzit (*) Music and argts: Eve McTelenn with the kind participation Band of J.Peter & T.Light Eve used to McTelenn a Harp DHC Blue Light Camac Harp from home Layout: Hervé Gourdet Mastering Studio: Autoproduction Breizh-Harp

Saisons féériques - Feonkira

  • Rêve printanier
  • Soleil levant vers l'été
  • La valse de l'été
  • Balade vers l'automne
  • La Fée de l'automne
  • Danses celtique vers l'hiver
  • La fée de l'hiver
  • Cantique de Noël