Machines infernales

Mpanakanto: Esquisse

Anarana: Machines infernales

Nivoaka: 2012

Famantatra: Aremorica Records

Refiny: Digifile

Halavany: 60'

Tombotsoa: "Bravos" Trad Mag'

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DF00635AREM


Machines infernales (Esquisse)

"Bravo" TradMag

Esquisse is a group that offers a modern Breton music. Music that is rooted in tradition but that leaves room for innovation. Their new album promises to be a reference in the world of this musical genre.

Ready to dance?

Esquisse - Mpihira

  • François BADEAU : diatonic accordion
  • Gweltaz HERVÉ : saxophones
  • Pierre LE NORMAND : drums
  • Thomas BADEAU : clarinet
  • Invités :
  • Ronan LE GOURIEREC : bombardon, baryton sax
  • François ROBIN : veuze
  • Alain DEBIOSSAT : saxophones
  • Grégory JOLIVET : hurdy-gurdy
  • Sylvain BAROU : wooden flute

Machines infernales - Feonkira

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