An dàrna umhail

Mpanakanto: Dòchas

Anarana: An dàrna umhail

Nivoaka: 2005

Famantatra: Macmeanmna

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 49'00

Tombotsoa: Import Scotland

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00419MACM


An dàrna umhail (Dòchas)

Hailing from all parts of Scotland, this award winning and dynamic band are heralded as one of the country's finest exports. Having delighted audiences from Achiltibuie to Austria, Copenhagen to Calgary and Vienna to Vancouver, Dòchas are fast becoming one of the most popular bands on the Festival circuit.

A well worn phrase, but Dòchas really amounts to much more than the sum of its parts. And this becomes all the more impressive when you consider the parts themselves - award winning individuals, and sought after session musicians. With two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Dòchas have matured into a band who promise dynamic, virtuosic and varied live shows, with both "heart-melting vocals" and "barn-stomping tunes".

Dòchas - Mpihira

  • Kathleen BOYLE : piano, accordion, guitar
  • Julie FOWLIS : whistle, vocals, oboe
  • Carol-Anne MACKAY : pipes, vocals, accordion, whistle
  • Eilidh MACLEOD : clàrsach, vocals
  • Martin O'NEILL : bodhran
  • Jenna REID : fiddle, vocals, piano
  • Guests :
  • Dàithi O MUIRIGH : words
  • Maighread NI DHÒMHNAILL : vocals
  • Triona NI DHÒMHNAILL : vocals, clavinova

An dàrna umhail - Feonkira

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