Lusk ar galon

Mpanakanto: Dalc'h soñj

Anarana: Lusk ar galon

Nivoaka: 1998

Famantatra: Yber productions

Refiny: Cristal

Halavany: 39'00

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: CR00358YBER


Lusk ar galon (Dalc'h soñj)

Originally created around a duet bombardon - accordion, which were then grafted new musicians, the group Dalc'h Sonj offers a faithful and contemporary music, inspired mainly of traditional song.

His repertoire consists mainly of areas of western Brittany . However, this album was chosen on its land of origin : Vannes area.

Roundness, depth, rhythm, Dalc'h Sonj's music is made for listen, sing, dance, and live it!

Dalc'h soñj - Mpihira

  • Alain LANGLOIS : accordions
  • Jislen AR GWILHANT : vocals
  • Yann-Ber AR RALLIG : bombardon, clarinet, sax
  • Emmanuel TRAVERS : guitar
  • Ronan MELEARD : biniou kozh
  • Guests :
  • Marie Claire LOUIS : vocals
  • Pierre LE TOUX : percussions
  • Mikael SEZNEC : bass
  • Antonin VOLSON : percussion

Lusk ar galon - Feonkira

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