Rock Noz Band

Mpanakanto: Caliorne

Anarana: Rock Noz Band

Nivoaka: 2012

Famantatra: Autoprod

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 54'38

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00707AUTO


Rock Noz Band (Caliorne)

This record is the result of a 3-year project and a close collaboration between the musicians of Caliorne. Each of them has brought in his own sensitivity and musical experience, which can be either Celtic, folk, jazz, funk, rock, metal, blues or acoustic. This musical alchemy creates a mesmerizing universe that makes you travel from the coastlines of Brittany to the shores of Scotland and Ireland. Most of the tunes are built on dance rhythms borrowed from Breton tradition, which is called Fest-Noz. Our goal was to give pride of place to the spirit of congeniality, liveliness and incredible energy that has always been a feature of Breton music, flowing from the stage to the dance floor whenever we perform a concert. Only the last track, "Coulé à Pic" (Sunk straight to the bottom), composed as a tribute to the lost at sea crewmen of French trawler "Bugaled Breizh", holds more grieving undertones. The record could have been named after one of the tracks. However, "Rock Noz Band" came as the right, obvious title to us. Indeed, the Rock vibe of the album is perceptible from the very first note. Noz refers to the Breton Fest-Noz, whereas Band illustrates the Celtic touch.


Caliorne - Mpihira

  • Daniel BIGNON : drums, percussions
  • François MARCHAL : bagpipes, clarinet
  • Hugues MALJEAN : 12 strings guitar, vocals
  • Kevin BIJAOUI : electric guitar
  • Olivier BINTEIN : keyboards, low whistle, bombarde
  • Patrick JAMIN : bass

Rock Noz Band - Feonkira

  • Eridal
  • Trad ha Rock
  • Scottish Purple
  • Impro au chat
  • Paul Caliorne
  • Ø 120/100
  • Friponne
  • Rêveur
  • Déjanté
  • La Kro, Star de la boîte
  • Rolling dog
  • Coulé à pic