German & Claudia Khatylaev

Mpanakanto: Arctic Spirit

Anarana: German & Claudia Khatylaev

Nivoaka: 2011

Famantatra: Borealia

Refiny: Digibook

Halavany: 63'38

Vidiny : 15,00 €


Laharana: DB01332BORE


German & Claudia Khatylaev (Arctic Spirit)


German and Claudia Khatylaev come from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the far north-east of the Russian Federation. Winter temperatures in this region of Siberia can drop as low as -65°C. For centuries the Sakha people, who moved from the southern steppes when Genghis Khan invaded central Asia, have lived in extreme conditions in an environment that is at once rich and fragile. In dense taiga and barren tundra, to the Arctic circle and beyond, the Sakha live by hunting and fishing, raising horses and cattle.
German and Claudia are both from rural areas. Claudia was born into a family of musicians in the Viliui region of western Sakha. It was there that she learned to sing under the benevolent eye of her grandmother, a shaman. German played truant from school in order to go hunting in the forests of Taatta.
Since they met in 1987 German and Claudia have barely left one another's side. United by a love of Sakha culture, they have reconstructed traditional instruments and collected melodies and vocal techniques from old people they have met over the years on their visits to far-flung villages. In doing so they have become important figures in the revival of Sakha culture. Now known the world over, they bring an ethno-folk colouring to melodies born in the oral traditions and animist beliefs of the Sakha people. Their nostalgia for a life at one with nature has seen them incorporate into their music birdsong and the sounds of the taiga and arctic tundra. German and Claudia's musical legacy is already secure. Imbued with the knowledge of their ancestors and conscious of their duty to pass it on, they instruct the younger generation in singing and playing the Jews's harp and kyryympa. Their pupils now travel the world and ensure the survival of the music.

Arctic Spirit - Mpihira

  • Claudia & German KHATYLAEV : voices, Jew's harp, animal noises, percussions
  • Aytalyna EVERSTOVA, Varya IVANOVA, Valeriya NOVGORODOVA, Prokopi KHOYUTANOV, Leonid IMEEV : children's chorus

German & Claudia Khatylaev - Feonkira

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