På väg

Mpanakanto: Anders och Patrick

Anarana: På väg

Nivoaka: 2006

Famantatra: Nordic Tradition

Refiny: Digipack

Halavany: 54'02

Tombotsoa: import Sweden (English comments included)

Vidiny : 12,50 €


Laharana: DI00037NOTR


På väg (Anders och Patrick)

Anders Larsson and Patrik Andersson are two of Sweden’s most accomplished traditional musicians. With a focus on playfulness and improvisation, they create modern Swedish folk music that is at the edge of innovation and at same time firmly planted in the familiar Nordic tradition. Now, after many years of collaboration and critically acclaimed performances - not least together with the famous Swedish dance company “Sinkelipass” - an eagerly awaited record of theirs has finally hit the shelves !

Anders och Patrick - Mpihira

  • Anders LARSSON - mandola, voice
  • Patrik ANDERSSON - fiddle

På väg - Feonkira

Hihaino feonkira tapany.