Genius Loci

Artista: Zarina Kopyrina & Ilya Zhirkov

Nombre: Genius Loci

Liberación: 2012

Label: Borealia

Formato: Digifile

Tiempo total: 60'35

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DF01334BORE


Genius Loci (Zarina Kopyrina & Ilya Zhirkov)


Genius Loci is born of the encounter between the original interpretation of the musical traditions of their people by two young artists of Sakha Yakutia and the mysteries of the Jura valleys around Salins-les-Bains.

The magic vibrations of the jew's harp Ilya and clear voice Zarina réenchantent the Jura nature and make reappear Genius Loci, the genius of the place, that special feeling which arises from the contemplation of a landscape, this feeling that crystallizes our memories and revives our ancestors before our very eyes.

Zarina Kopyrina & Ilya Zhirkov - Músicos

  • Zarina KOPYRINA : vocals
  • Ilya ZHIRKOV : Jew's harp

Genius Loci - Escuchar

  • La Nature Se Reveille
  • Hytta Hytta
  • Le Cheval Blanc
  • La Source Magique
  • De Retour
  • Tshabyrgakh
  • Khomus Duo
  • La Dispute
  • Ohoukhtaï
  • A Ma Mere
  • Echo
  • Olonkho
  • Olonkho Chant De L'abaahy
  • Coucou
  • Le Bel Alaas
  • Galopade
  • Un Reve
  • Hytta Hytta Remix
  • Bokkuoïa
  • A L'estive
  • Au Coin Du Feu
  • Chanson D'amour
  • Chanson D'amour Remix
  • Improvisation