Artista: Xera

Nombre: LLume

Liberación: 2012

Label: Autoprod

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 52'00

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: DI01309AUTO


LLume (Xera)

La Xera. The work, the task. Here is where the story begins; the story of an idea in which music is just one part. A story who creates itself from a dream under the ash tree, or the wind in mount Sueve carrying his own memories; from the whispering word that remains in the air for decades, or the old eyes that see the land bring back the fruit of work; from the young kiss that became a centenary tear... and from the words used to express all that feelings.

Words, colors and smells that enrich us and show us the multiple faces of the landscape that saw us born, between branches, skies, winds and flowers; between rivers and mountains, uniques every step we take.

Xera - Músicos

  • Carlos DIAZ : vocal, piano, bouzouki
  • Iria RODRIGUEZ : violin, vigulin, zanfona, bandurria asturiana y cuernu
  • Chus PORRUA : vocal, percussions, guitare
  • Xuan NAVEIRAS : gaïta, percussions
  • Gema PALACIO : vocal, teclaos, theremin

LLume - Escuchar

  • Aló
  • Vientos
  • Rubién
  • Arián
  • Mio Fonte
  • Sol
  • Yo Quixera
  • Camín
  • Espertar
  • Una Llume
  • Rigel