Linnaeus Väsen

Artista: Väsen

Nombre: Linnaeus Väsen

Liberación: 2007

Label: NorthSide

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 47'00

Prima: Import Sweden

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: CR00443NORT


Linnaeus Väsen (Väsen)

That Sweden's best acoustic band, Väsen, should have been commissioned to make the music for the celebration. The remarkable thing is that what they've assembled, apart from one track, is music that relates pretty directly to Linnaeus. Even better is the fact that it's superbly played by the quartet. They've continued to grow in stature, and now they have the power of a rock band -- except for the amplification. They're not afraid to get atonal -- moments of the solo on "Skimspolska" resemble a feedback electric guitar solo. There's real elegance in the arrangements, which play to the strengths of all four musicians, and the percussion, in particular, deserves a mention. It's subtle, often unobtrusive, but gives a real propulsion to everything. Every aspect of this impresses, from the research to the performance, on a superb record. ~ Chris Nickson Dirty Linen

Väsen - Músicos

  • Mikael MARIN : viola, violin
  • Olov JOHANSSON / 3-row chromatic nyckelharpa, kontrabasharpa
  • Roger TALLROTH : 12-string guitar, Swedish bouzouki
  • André FERRARI : percussion

Linnaeus Väsen - Escuchar

  • Carl Linnæus polones
  • Skumpolska
  • Linnaeus Långdans/Kör i lunken
  • Grevelius pollonaise
  • Erik Bohlins brudpolska
  • Luringens polska
  • La Marche/Carl XII's marsch vid Narva
  • Tiliandermenuetter
  • Polonaise C-moll
  • Söderbloms polska
  • Klippings handskar