Eau & Gaz à tous les étages

Artista: Tradirrationnel

Nombre: Eau & Gaz à tous les étages

Liberación: 2011

Label: Autoprod

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 55'00

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00605AUTO


Eau & Gaz à tous les étages (Tradirrationnel)

Tradirrationnel is a swiss group formed in 2003 and playing french Bal Folk repertoire. Most of his music are compositions expressly writed and tested for dancing. He is formed by one Frédéric, playing accordion, flute and bagpipe, and Three Jean-François playing guitar, bass and fiddle.

Tradirrationnel - Músicos

  • Frédéric BLAINVILLAIN : accordion, flute, piccolo
  • Jean-François CLERSON : guitar
  • Jean-François DESCOMBES : violin
  • Jean-François WULLYAMOZ : double bass

Eau & Gaz à tous les étages - Escuchar

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