Imaginary ritual

Artista: The East-West Ensemble

Nombre: Imaginary ritual

Liberación: 1998

Label: Magda

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 51'00

Prima: Import Israel

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: CR00524MAGD


Imaginary ritual (The East-West Ensemble)

Imaginary Ritual is The East-West Ensemble's third recorded project.
Yisrael Borochov, an esteemed Israeli musician that for many years now has been working his way in order to explore different musical cultures, leads the ensemble, a unique musical collaboration between Muslims and Jews.
This album tends to focus mainly on Persian, Turkish and Mediterranean music. These traditions use different keys and instruments. Thus, what was achieved here, the combination of those almost contradicting elements is quite astonishing.
At first, listening to this album may be confusing, not knowing which melody and key to follow. After a short while the solution for this musical equation strikes the ears with a simple understanding that makes these remote musical trends sound as if they were all of the same origin.

The East-West Ensemble - Músicos

  • Amir SHAHZAR : ney, zurna, vocal, drum, kamanche, flute
  • Yisrael BOROCHOV : jumbush, saz, vocal, acoustic bass guitar, zarb, darbuka, tabla, synthy, cymbals
  • Yuval MESNER : cello
  • Yakov LEV-SAMEACH : zarb, darbuka
  • Rali MARGALIT : cello
  • Ramzi BISHARAT : darbuka, daf
  • Boris SICHON : voice, drums
  • Gil RON : voice, drums

Imaginary ritual - Escuchar

  • Bandari
  • Legend Of The Bird & The Donkey
  • Aziz Joon
  • Imaginary Ritual In The Ethiopian-Persion Border
  • Daud's Celebration
  • Chautauqua (Homage To Ravel)