Artista: Talèh

Nombre: Ratapuntu

Liberación: 2009

Label: Folkclub ethnosuoni

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 37'16

Prima: Import Italy / Bonus video-track

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00252FOLK


Ratapuntu (Talèh)

A piece of work perfectly tailored is this "Ratapuntu", a term used in Sicilian to indicate the seam made with the sewing machine to obtain a finished edge. A metaphor of the artistic texture of this album: just like the accurate and delicate making of a tailored "piece", it honours the experience of this boisterous ensemble from Ragusa, who have sung and represented the popular tradition of their land for over ten years.

Talèh - Músicos

  • Salvatore DIPASQUALE : vocals
  • Gianni GUASTELLA : vocals, guitar
  • Vincent MIGLIORISI : vocals, bouzouki, bass,guitars, percussions
  • Roberto DIFALCO :percussions, vocals
  • Luigi COSENTINO : fisarmonica, vocals
  • Guests :
  • Piero VASILE : violin
  • Saro TRIBASTONE : mandolin
  • Salvo DISTEFANO : trumpet
  • Gino CARBONARO : accordion
  • Elvira BORNABO : vocals
  • Simona SCIACCA : vocals

Ratapuntu - Escuchar

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