Artista: René Mailhes

Nombre: Gitrane

Liberación: 1998

Label: Iris Music

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 50'00

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: CR01144IRIS


Gitrane (René Mailhes)


Here is an album of Swing eyeing to the other side of America. With as uncles, Baro Ferré, Jean Ferré, and Rene "Challin" Ferré, who among other accompanied Django (dedications next to the song titles show) it is difficult to miss this great man guitar . And it's so good !

René Mailhes - Músicos

  • René MAILHES : guitares
  • Patrice GALAS : piano
  • Philippe COMBELLE : batterie
  • Dominique LEMERLE : contrebasse
  • Idrissa DIOP : percussions
  • Abdel KANDER : guitare


1. L'homme de Liège (à René Thomas)

2. Alone together

3. Gitrane (à Challin & John)

4. Bemsha swing

5. A flower is a lovesome thing

6. Turbulente Chloé (à Baro)

7. Waltz new

8. Nano my dear

9. To Django (et à Joseph)

10. Con Alma

11. Le photographe (à Bernard Ayoud)

12. Matalott