Artista: Philippe Carcassés

Nombre: Escapadas

Liberación: 2019

Label: Autoprod

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Ref.: PO01418AUTO


Escapadas (Philippe Carcassés)


This CD is dedicated to the Lower-Languedoc oboe. Throughout this recording, we discover this instrument in original repertoires (Balkans, South Amerika, Sweden...) which highlight it particularly well. These are therefore musical adventures, which yet bring back this traditional oboe to its origins : the Lower-Languedoc, and more specifically, to the town of Sète, which has always put it in the spotlight.

Philippe Carcassés - Músicos

  • Philippe CARCASSES : Languedoc oboe
  • Laurent AUDEMARD : oboe, clarines, keyboards, programming
  • Marie FRINKING-CARCASSES : two-tone accordion
  • Floriane FIZAINE : Languedoc drum
  • Steeve SERIAT : guitar

Escapadas - Escuchar

  • Alma Guarani
  • Aval dins un tan bèu bosquet
  • El coplero
  • La vraie valse musette
  • Lang danz
  • Air traditionnel bulgare
  • Com que voz
  • Valse à Philippe
  • Soledad
  • Air populaire morave
  • Hommage à John Kimmel
  • Mandilatos
  • Lo languiment
  • Liseron
  • Défilés de joutes