Artista: Ourawen

Nombre: Ourawen

Liberación: 2011

Label: Autoprod

Formato: Digifile

Tiempo total: 30'00

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DF00558AUTO


Ourawen (Ourawen)

First recording for this young band with a tuareg name who plays above all breton music for the dance, nomadic, opened to the four winds, brewing inspirations from the Near and Middle East, central Europe, Africa, as well as breton soils. Percussions, guitars, flutes, fiddle and voice unite and display a moving and unexpected repertoire.

Ourawen - Músicos

  • Stéphane BOURNE : flute
  • Marion DUCHEZ : fiddle, vocals
  • Manu GEFFRAY : percussions
  • Matthieu LEBRETON : guitars, vocals

Ourawen - Escuchar

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