Timber !

Artista: Maria Jonsson Ian Carr Mikael Marin

Nombre: Timber !

Liberación: 2007

Label: Nordic Tradition

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 54'28

Prima: import Sweden (complete liner notes in English)

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00041NOTR


Timber ! (Maria Jonsson Ian Carr Mikael Marin)

Sharp, newly composed folk music with an incredible beat performed by this new “super-group” with three exquisite musicians from the Nordic folk music scene ! Maria Jonsson (Svart Kaffe), Ian Carr (Swåp, Kate Rushby) and Mikael Marin (Väsen) have joined paths on a new musical adventure, with an amazing result !

Maria Jonsson Ian Carr Mikael Marin - Músicos

  • Jonas SIMONSON : flute, alto flute, willow flute, double willow flute, härjedalspipa (Swedish folk whistle), bass clarinet
  • Mats EDÉN : fiddle, viola, viola d'amore
  • Mattias PÉREZ : 12-string guitar
  • Johannes LUNDGREN : double bass
  • Sten KÄLLMAN : bells, talking drum, bass drum
  • Maria JONSSON - viola d’amore
  • Ian CARR – guitar
  • Mikael MARIN - violino grande

Timber ! - Escuchar

  • Kvarnbergspolska
  • Kvarnbergshalling
  • GI-Polskan
  • Top of a mountain
  • Brudpolska till Anna
  • Grebe
  • Old man waltz
  • Spel-Erik
  • Alfred Nilsson
  • Andreas Lång
  • En fot i graven
  • Bäse-före-schottis / Färsk schottis
  • Inte sova
  • Marsch