Fama Clamosa

Artista: Mackenzie

Nombre: Fama Clamosa

Liberación: 2002

Label: Macmeanmna

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 47'00

Prima: Import Ecosse

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: CR00408MACM


Fama Clamosa (Mackenzie)

"Mackenzie's second disc of Gaelic song for Macmeanmna opens unconventionally with their own title track, which has a Latin refrain and a distinctly African lilt in the tune.

The sisters - Fiona, Eilidh and Gillian - revert to more customary business on a pleasing mixture of their own songs and contemporary arrangements of traditional Gaelic material, framed by discreet but emphatic accompaniments on keyboards, guitar, harp and percussion.

Their expressive harmony singing is delightful on all of this material, and nowhere more so than on Eilean Fraoich nam beann ard, a heartfelt closing tribute to their native Lewis."

Kenny Mathieson, The Scotsman

Mackenzie - Músicos

  • Fiona, Eilidh, Gillian MACKENZIE : vocals
  • Calum MALCOLM : piano, keyboard
  • William JACKSON : whistles, Gut harp, Wire Harp
  • Mairi CAMPBELL : fiddle, viola
  • James MACKINTOSH : hand drums, shakers
  • Brian Ó hEADHRA : acoustic guitar

Fama Clamosa - Escuchar

  • Fama Clamosa
  • Shiubhlainn A Gheamhraidh (A' Chiad Phairt)
  • Chaidh Na Fir A Scathabhaig-Chailin Oig A Stiuirimiche
  • Ma Bhios Tu Fo Mhulad
  • Lia Fail-Nighean Rua Bhan
  • A' Chiad Danns'
  • Ailean Dubh A Lochaidh
  • Mo Shuil Ad Dheidh
  • Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad 's Mi Air Tulaich Na Buaile
  • Nach Truagh Leat Mi 's Tu'n Eirinn
  • Duine Gun Chii-An Geam
  • Shiubhlainn A Gheamhraidh (An Darna Pairt)
  • Eilean Fraoich Nam Beann Ard