Violette et Cerise

Artista: Les Muchards

Nombre: Violette et Cerise

Liberación: 2002

Label: Arsis World

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 57'04

Prima: Import Belgium & Notes in french, english and dutch

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: CR00047ARSI


Violette et Cerise (Les Muchards)

Violette et Cerise – Bagpipes in Wallonia

Violette et Cerise is an album which is entirely dedicated to bagpipe music in Wallonia. Basically all the tunes are played on two bagpipes, either using instruments of the same length or, most often, instruments of differnet lengths, one playing the tune and the other providing an accompaniment. The repertory is mainly made up of dance tunes from the score books of 19th century musicians. There are also two Christmas tune, a «pilgrimage tune». In addition we have included a number of dance tunes composed by the members of the group.

Les Muchards - Músicos

  • Michel MASSINON and Jean-Pierre WILMOTTE : bagpipes
  • Christian D'HUYVETTER : melodeon and vocal
  • Jean-Pierre LOMBET : guitar

Violette et Cerise - Escuchar

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