Artista: Joe Cormier

Nombre: Chéticamp

Liberación: 2002

Label: Modal

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 65'00

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00668MODA


Chéticamp (Joe Cormier)

Joe Cormier is a fiddle master from Acadie.

Joe Cormier - Músicos

  • Joe CORMIER : fiddle
  • Edmond BOUDREAU : guitar

Chéticamp - Escuchar

  •  Trois polkas
  •  Silver wells;Happy go lucky Clog;Archie Menzies reel;Carney's Canter reel
  •  The old rocking chair;Corgarff Castle;Tullchogorum;Southwest Bridge reel
  •  Bobby Winston reel;Sean Maguire Reel;Mac Donald Reel
  •  Bonnie Lass o'Bon Accord;Devil in the kitchen;Old King's reel
  •  Cape North jig;Old dutch churn jig;Max MacDonald reel
  •  SirWilliam Wallace;King George;Old King's reel
  •  Kenloch jig;Squirrel in a tree;Spin an'glow
  •  Reel;Lochearn scottish reel;Sheehan reel;Scottish reel
  •  Mrs Scott Skinner march; The Smith's a gallant fireman;The Auld Wheel reel; Scottish reel
  •  Irish jig;Regina Stubbert jig
  •  The glories of the star;Banks hornpipe;The trumpet reel
  •  Killiecranky;Rothermish's rant;Haglis reel;Caber frigh
  •  Professor Blackie;Dan's favourite strathspey;Southern melody;Polo march