Grands interprètes de Bretagne

Artista: Jeannette Maquignon

Nombre: Grands interprètes de Bretagne

Liberación: 2006

Label: Groupement Culturel Breton/Dastum

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 67'09

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00101GCDA


Grands interprètes de Bretagne (Jeannette Maquignon)

First volume of the collection ‘Great interpret of Brittany’. ’I sang, I became disenchanted, I sing again' said Jeannette Maquignon, peasant and a great voice of the region of Redon ’passeuse de mémoire’ , she shared her vast repertoire with whom wanted it. This CD which is a tribute to her, contains the best of her recording concerning her : beautiful melodies alternate with songs to be walked, wedding marches, songs to answer, to dance, ’pilé-menu’ , or ’la ridée’. Furthermore, she tells about things and about herself. A notebook includes the transcription of songs and 2 texts (one of Jean-Louis Latour another one of Jean-Bernard Vighetti), which evoke many aspects of her life and her personality.

Jeannette Maquignon - Músicos

  • Jeannette MAQUIGNON : vocal

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