Noz...toujours !

Artista: Ihnze

Nombre: Noz...toujours !

Liberación: 2007

Label: CO Le Label

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 45'03

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: DI00010COLE


Noz...toujours ! (Ihnze)

Ihnze, «fest-noz group» coming from Fougères draw from the repertoire of UpperBrittany to create his new album. Our 4 accomplices will get you dancing with the same energy a « Deauvergne» , a «Rassemblée» or a « Avant 2 de travers». An anthology of 11 dances with a splendid melody. To discover !

Ihnze - Músicos

  • Emmanuel RONDIN (Manu) : accordions , vocal
  • Thierry GERARD : guitars, bass effects, subois, bombardon, lombarde, vocals, wooden flutes
  • Jean-François FROGER (Frofro) : voix, bombardon, veuze, clarinet, bodhran, wooden flutes
  • Michel LEVERRIER : bombardon, wooden flutes, djembé, kayamb, guiro, spoons, vocal

Noz...toujours ! - Escuchar

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