Ping Kong

Artista: DuOud

Nombre: Ping Kong

Liberación: 2009

Label: Non renseigné

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Ref.: DI01168NA


Ping Kong (DuOud)



Born in Tunis, Smadj (pronounced Smudge) is an oud player who has based most of his career as a professional musician in Paris, where he teamed up with another oud player, the Algerian, Mehdi Habbab, as half of the duo, DuOud. Until now, the pair’s albums have not quite delivered the promise that seems inherent within them. Their latest, Ping Kong, may be their best yet, particularly on the two tracks featuring Mauritanian singer Malouma, another artist who has yet to deliver her full potential on an album under her own name.


1. Johnny guitar

2. Nude for death

3. Missy Nouackshott

4. Genjiskan

5. Intros

6. Luthausore

7. Sable émouvant

8. Introm

9. Border line

10. Must

11. Oud art corps