Sguab is dlòth

Artista: Donnie Murdo MacLeod

Nombre: Sguab is dlòth

Liberación: 2000

Label: Macmeanmna

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 52'00

Prima: Import Scotland

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: CR00399MACM


Sguab is dlòth (Donnie Murdo MacLeod)

Donnie Murdo MacLeod comes from Stornoway, and long before he won the Traditional Gold Medal at the 1996 National Mod in Blairgowrie, he was established as one of the best traditional Gaelic singers of his generation.

Donnie Murdo MacLeod - Músicos

  • Donnie Murdo MACLEOD : vocals
  • Mary Ann KENNEDY : piano, clarsach
  • Allan MACDONALD : pipes, additional vocals
  • Arthur CORMACK : additional vocals

Sguab is dlòth - Escuchar

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