Artista: Daniel & Louis-Simon Lemieux

Nombre: Philomène

Liberación: 2009

Label: Non renseigné

Formato: Cristal

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Philomène (Daniel & Louis-Simon Lemieux)



Daniel and Louis-Simon Lemieux are a father-and-son duo from Mont-Louis of the Gaspé Region. Daniel is one of the greatest fiddlers of his generation and has toured around the world with leading groups from Quebec. The same may be said for his son Louis-Simon who learned to play by following his father to wherever traditional music events were being held. Not only do they play the fiddle, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki and banjo, they can sing and tap their feet with the best of them. With a mix of spontaneity and humour, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!


1. Philomène

2. Gigues à Morrisson et à Joseph Arthur Boulay

3. St-Pascal

4. Iron Man/Soucy

5. L'éreinté

6. La suite des connards

7. Le métier de buveur

8. La tuque carottée

9. L'habitant

10. Cécile

11. Le père la neige

12. Tortillez-vous belle

13. Valse à Scotty Fitzgerald