The consignor space

Welcome to the consignor space of Albumtrad. If you are here, it is because you want to know how to place your albums on consignment on our site.

It’s very simple :

We take your CDs on consignment, offer them for sale on this site, and pay your royalties once your albums are sold. On our site, the public selling price of a disc is always 12,50 €. albumtrad receives 40%, the consignor, 60%.

Concretely :

Fill out our on-line registration form here, it will permit us to simplify the referencing of your album. You will receive an e-mail of confirmation of registration.

Then, you will find our contracts here, read them carefully, print them and fill them out in duplicate.

Send us 6 CDs (5 for the sale and one which you give to us for the digitalization) with contracts signed in duplicate.

We will send back to you (as soon as we receive your contracts) your copy of the contract signed by us as well as a proof of deposit.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are a label and have several albums to propose, contact us, we can simplify the procedures.

Your consignor space


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A) What are the advantages to joining the catalog of Albumtrad ?

B) Why do we sell discs at such a low price ?

C) Then, why not charge more to increase the profit margin ?

D) Your album is already being distributed ?

E) Your disc was relaesed 10 years ago, the group doesn't exist any more ?

F) Why put your album on consignment at Albumtrad since you already sell them on your site ?

G) What are the criteria of selections ?

H) Why doesn't Albumtrad buy discs directly ?

I) Why does Albumtrad ask for a registration form ?

J) Does Albumtrad guarantee confidentiality ?

K) How are royalties paid ?

Albumtrad is a micro-company so we are not liable to VAT (art 293B of the CGI). If you are liable to VAT, you must pay them on your royalties.