Artista: Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry, Nodlaig Brolly

Nombre: Stringtones

Liberación: 2010

Label: Autoprod

Formato: Cristal

Tiempo total: 39'00

Prima: Import Ireland

Precio : 12,50 €


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Ref.: CR00724AUTO


Stringtones (Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry, Nodlaig Brolly)

This album brings together stringed instruments in the most beautiful and natural way, each instrument being played with precision and understanding, this combined with a fantastic collection of songs and tunes both new and old, this album is among the best in Irish Tradtional Music.

"This is such a brilliant piece of music from one of the best musicians in the business. Wonderful stuff, true to the bone."
Chicago Irish-American News

Brendan Hendry, Paul McSherry, Nodlaig Brolly - Músicos

  • Brendan HENDRY : fiddle
  • Paul McSHERRY : guitars, bouzouki
  • Nodlaig BROLLY : clairseach, piano, vocals

Stringtones - Escuchar

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