Klemedenn er blei

Artista: Bill ebet band

Nombre: Klemedenn er blei

Liberación: 2006

Label: Yber productions

Formato: Digipack

Tiempo total: 47'00

Precio : 12,50 €

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Ref.: DI00359YBER


Klemedenn er blei (Bill ebet band)

Bringing together artists from all over Brittany, the Bill Ebet Band book on this disc, all of which are taken live, alloys trad'jazz bold.

Except the last track (composition of Gildas Le Buhe) all songs of this disc comes from a repertoire of around Vannes.

The style of Bill Ebet? Is it possible to qualify? One thing is sure, these are stories of Brittany, which invites himself Africa, Jazz and spontaneity.

Bill ebet band - Músicos

  • Gildas LE BUHÉ : vocals, tenor saxophon
  • Erwan VOLANT : guitars
  • Pierre TARDIVEL : doublebasse, bass, 'n gouni
  • Jean-François LE GOUARIN : bombardon
  • Glenn LE MERDY : percussions
  • Olivier URVOY : alto and baryton saxophon
  • Ronan BLEJEAN : box accordion
  • Ronan LE DISSEZ : wodden flute
  • Hervé LE BUHÉ : dijeridoo

Klemedenn er blei - Escuchar

  • Lonely ridenn
  • Kentehma splann
  • Nag er verhig
  • Disul vintin
  • Job Kerlagad
  • Pe oen ér park
  • Sudard er fur
  • Iniù enta plahig
  • Sellet